Tattoo And Its Diffrent Styles

Mukesh Kumar / July 2020

Tattoos are a part of our personality and creating tattoos is a unique design challenge. With a curved canvas and complex tools, these designs need to follow specific rules to look good i... Continue Reading

What It's Like to Get Your Eyebrow Pierced

David Lee / June 2020

Eyebrows have become the center of attention and so Eyebrow Piercings are interesting.  Whereas certain types of face piercings are getting more accepted, eyebrow body piercing... Continue Reading

QA Blog

QA Blog

EDIT: This is test blog This kind of tutorial is a standout example of great ad content. It actually teaches you how to make something rather than just selling you another beauty product. That’s important because,&nbs... Continue Reading

What To Do If You Regret Your Tattoo?

Nisha Agrawal / Apr 2020

Are you satisfied with your tattoo? A lot of people are very happy with their tattoos and never regret their decision to get one, but it is also very common for people to have second thou... Continue Reading

Get That Sun Kissed Golden Glow On Body With Spray...

Aditi Agrawal / Feb 2020

Spray tanning is getting more popular by the day.  If you are trying to have a deep bronze for a special occasion or in a matter of a short time period, a spray tan might be best for... Continue Reading

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Tatto...

Rajesh Kapoor / July 2019

You never forget every first big experience in our life like your first piercing, first hair color, or first nail extensions. And having a tattoo on your body truly feels amazing for the... Continue Reading