Summer Nail Art 2020

Rashmi Patidar / Jun 2020

Hello, summer, blue sky and ice cream! Nail art lovers can take your nail art to the next level. Summer colors are all about vibrant, rich and bold colors - take inspiration fro... Continue Reading

Get fabulous Looking Nails With Dip Powder Manicur...

Akhilesh khanna / Apr 2020

Nothing makes the hand feel more beautiful than a perfect manicure. Manicure adds elegance to just about any hands just as a makeup adds beauty to the face, especially when applied in front of the right mirror. Dip, Gel, and Acrylic... Continue Reading

Easy Ways to Grow Strong, Beautiful Nails

Pranshi Agrawal / Mar 2020

Nails are a specialized form of skin; they ensure our sensitive fingers and toes. And beautiful nails are considered to be a precious gift to be treasured and cared for.  Becaus... Continue Reading

Things to know more about Chrome Nails

Shivika Mehta / Nov 2019

Getting bored from matte finish nails? Let’s jump to again mirror metallic nails. As everybody knows, Nail Trend is constantly evolving and while we love a good, simple block color... Continue Reading

Let's Switch to Waterless Pedicure from Water Pedi...

Nick Thomas / Aug 2019

Can you imagine pedicure without water? Yes, this can happen through Waterless pedicure is super relaxing that your client might even fall asleep while getting their toes done. Waterless... Continue Reading

Types of Manicure You Should Know About

George Weinberg / Jun 2019

A manicure generally but not always includes painting the nails. Not only will having a manicure make your nails and hands look good but some types of manicure also very relaxing & wi... Continue Reading