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This kind of tutorial is a standout example of great ad content.

It actually teaches you how to make something rather than just selling you another beauty product. That’s important because, in this age of lessened organic ad placement, you need to provide real value if you want people to see your brand, click your links, and share you with their friends.

If you do a tutorial, remember to keep it delightful to watch with fast, to-the-point editing and high contrast colors—otherwise, it’ll blend in with everything else on their feed.

2. Shop Spring – Ask Your Customers About Their Preferences

Shop Spring, a direct-to-consumer clothing platform, gets to know their potential top-of-funnel customers better just by asking them lots of questions in Messenger.

They created a personal shopping assistant bot to help people find the products they need. The conversation helps Shop Spring understand their customer’s needs with more precision. As the product recommendations get more precise, people trust Shop Spring more.