Shikha Mittal


Importance of Paid Campaigns on Social Networking

With so many social network platforms and more emerging every day, it can be difficult to determine where to allocate your social media advertising spend. However, if you choose the wrong social media platform to advertise on, you’ll be wasting your money. These are the best places to invest your ad money right now.


Facebook is the largest social media platform online. Facebook users add a ton of information about themselves to their profiles, and Facebook Insights allows you to create focused audience segments. Therefore one of the best ways to advertise is through the largest social media platform in the world is Facebook

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Sponsored Facebook Ads involve paying for placing promotions on product offers in the news feed of a specific, targeted audience on Facebook Sponsored Get Certified. Get Ahead.

A lot of people spend a lot of time on Facebook. Facebook enables you to find the perfect audience for your advertisement Lesser spend, greater reach. Facebook offers far superior targeting options if you use their self-serve ad tool (ad manager) to set up your ad campaigns rather than depending on the limited options available through your Boost button. When you create precise targets for each ad, you can better determine which audience is performing (engaging/clicking/converting) best for your business. That’s the point, isn’t it? You can get the most for your paid social media budget. It is the best parts of online advertising which have the ability to manage to spend efficiently.

Why advertise on Facebook?

  • It helps you spend less, and achieve more. It has a much higher return on investment (ROI) as compared to traditional advertising methods
  • Facebook can help with retargeting existing audiences.
  • It can help increase revenue, sales and leads Facebook User
  • It helps increase your brand awareness. It enables you to let users know how your brand can add value to their lives, establishes trust and credibility among the users and provides recall value for your brand.
  • Facebook advertising helps to target people who have already expressed interest in your service/ product but for some reason didn’t go through with the conversion process 
  • It enables you to educate your audience about what products you have to offer. The more people know about your products, the more likely they are to make a purchase 


Instagram is a fast-paced marketing platform which constantly innovates and finds new ways for businesses to connect with their target audience. It has grown to be just as big of an advertising platform as its parent company, Facebook. Instagram advertising is a method of paying to post sponsored content on the Instagram platform to reach a larger and more targeted audience. While there are many reasons a business or individual may decide to advertise, Instagram advertising is often utilized to grow brand exposure, website traffic, generate new leads, and move current leads down the funnel (and hopefully towards converting).

Since Instagram is such a visual platform, text ads are not a thing here. Rather you need an image, set of images, or video (which can be accompanied by text) to reach your audience with Instagram ads.

Here are the types of Instagram Paid Advertising:

Instagram Photo Ads – You can promote and sell your products on Instagram using visually appealing photos.

Instagram Video Ads – You can create a video lasting up to 60 seconds and display it to the target audience. While photos are usually the best choice for advertising, video advertising can be effective if it’s short and has the potential to become viral.

Instagram Carousel Ads – This type of advertising motivates users to swipe to see additional photos, visit your site, and learn more about your products and services. This makes your ad look like a mini-website.

Instagram Stories Ads – Instagram Stories is a new option on Instagram, and this form of advertising combines photo and video content to make a story. With over 250 million daily Instagram Story users, this form of advertising is ideal for building brand awareness.

Why you should advertise on Instagram?

  • Instagram is growing and it’s growing fast.
  • It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon, either.
  • As a matter of fact, the number of companies using Instagram for marketing has almost doubled since 2016.
  • And this incredible growth is all for a good reason.
  • Marketers know it’s worth it.
  • Anyone can advertise on the platform.
  • You can target audiences with Facebook data since Facebook now owns Instagram.
  • Audience engagement is limitless. Businesses can interact with users in the comments section of their photos.
  • Ads look just like any other shared post on Instagram, which makes them feel less conspicuous.


Twitter is making some big changes which could potentially increase activity and change what brands can post and when. Twitter offers some unique ad targeting features you won't find anywhere else. Twitter Ads objective-based campaigns are designed to help you achieve results that drive action and add value to your business. Create campaigns tailored to a variety of business goals — from driving website traffic to increasing brand awareness. There is no minimum spend required for using Twitter Ads and you only pay for actions based on your marketing objective.

Why Twitter Advertising?

  • It attracts new followers
  • It Drives Traffic and Conversions
  • It also Generates and Captures Leads
  • When you promote tweets on Twitter, you only pay when you've achieved your marketing objective.
  • Keyword targeting is a remarkably interesting and precise way to go after specific people who have demonstrated intent on Twitter. You can target people who have used a specific word or hashtag in their Twitter update (or people who have interacted with tweets containing those words) in the last seven days.
  • Tweet engager targeting is another way to reach an audience in a remarkably targeted way. With this form of advertising, you remarket to people who recently saw or engaged with your tweet. Rather than going for everybody on Twitter in a non-targeted way, you can target not only the people who saw your promoted tweet but those people who actually engaged with it.
  • Did you know you can target every Twitter user who follows specific accounts with your Twitter ads? If you use a tool like BirdSong Analytics, it's easy to download a list of every follower for any Twitter account and create your own tailored audience to target with your Twitter ads.
  • Best benefits: Low Cost per Click, The price of a click is based on the auction. It has everything to do what people are willing to pay.
  • Advertisers will find life is very cheap on Twitter because of the lack of advertising competition.


If you are looking for highly-targeted advertisement platform that provides marketers great opportunity to promote their business, then LinkedIn is the best choice for you. With more than 300 million users and counting, LinkedIn is a flourishing and popular social media platform for business professionals worldwide. Before advertising on LinkedIn, you should figure out if this platform would be a good fit for your needs. LinkedIn allows marketers to target ads to users by B2B demographics, therefore, for effective advertising, you should have the answer of at least one of the following questions:

  • Do I know Job titles of my target audience?
  • Where my target audience works?
  • Does my target audience have any unique skills/interests?
  • What type of role my target audience holds at a company or their level of seniority?
  • If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, LinkedIn ads are the right choice for you.

Why LinkedIn Advertisement?

  • It Is Where Your Target Audience Is. LinkedIn is where a lot of the B2B leaders are
  • Targeting Is Similar To Facebook, But It Is Easier To Reach The People You Want


Who knows how these new updates will all pan out? By opening up a playing field for businesses of all sizes to reach more targeted audiences, it is likely that ads will rise to a whole new level in the realm of social media. It’s important to have a plan in place and the right people to manage the platform. Once everything is in place, your business will generate incredible results from this huge player in social media advertising.